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Puppy Love…Daily Dose Prescribed

Last Friday I shared this layout on the Pazzles Craft Room.  I just loved the photo so much and wanted to do something special with it.


I used the Pen Tool and Pen Spacer with my Pazzles Vue.  I love using it to add a subtitle to this page to really show off what the photo is all about.


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The BIGGER Table Update


Well, we got the other piece in here…now to hook it together and get it painted.  I need to figure out what colors I want, etc.  There should be plenty of room to craft here.

I scrapbooked on half of it the other day and it was so wonderful to be able to stand up and work on things.  Plus, I have stools to use, so I am set.


So, leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Plus, I’d love to hear any ideas.  I have a bazillion running around in my head, but nothing is set in stone….yet and probably ever when it comes to my craft studio.

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California….Here I Come!!!

Okay, so ‘technically’ I was already there.  Remember those 3,483 photos?  Well, one of those stacks was from when Jeff and I were there in 2010. I have started to scrapbook them. So, theoretically, I only have 3,469 photos to go.Photo Feb 12, 8 05 01 AM

Here are two of the layouts that I did from the first day.  We spent a day in San Francisco.  For some reason, I took hardly any photos there.  I thought we had more, but when I went to print them, this is what I had.

Photo Feb 12, 8 19 36 AM

The layouts are fairly simple, but I like the focus to be on the photos and not all of the embellishments.

I created these titles in my Pazzles InVue software.  The software makes it so easy to design.  I love the editing tools and how easy they are to access.

Anyway, the San Francisco Bridge, Coit Tower, Lombard Street and Fishermans Wharf titles are over at the Pazzles Craft Room in their amazing library.  They are available in both SVG and WPC format, so they can be used with most cutter softwares.


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The BIG Table

So anyone that used to follow my old blog knows about my custom craft room that I had at our old house.  I loved that room and it was so hard to leave behind, but I was also excited, because that meant I would have a new room to create and design.

This has been a little harder room to work with for me…because it is larger.  I know, I know, that does not make any sense, but for some reason, I have had a hard time with that.  The good news is, I’m getting over it and rather quickly now.

One of the things I really miss about my old scrapbook room, was my Big Counter Table.  It was a drop down table, because I didn’t have the room for it to stay out. (That was the only drawback of the table).

Anyway, I have been thinking I would build a big table, but then one day last week, Jeff and I were at the EcoStore here in Lincoln and they happened to be giving a way two ping pong tables.  I had seen them there before, but hadn’t really paid attention, because in the past they had been a whopping $5.00 for each table.  But the FREE-ninety-nine (my favorite price ever) price tag made me take a second look.  And that is when I realized I had the makings of my BIG table.  I could hardly contain my excitement as we went up and had our name put on them to come and pick back up.

Photo Feb 11, 5 48 08 PMI realize that it isn’t beautiful YET.  But I have plans, BIG plans.  In the meantime, I’m going to ‘practice’ crafting at my new table.   Oh and by the way, I will eventually have both sides of the table in my room, so it will be the BIG GIANT table then.  It will be ready for a lot of friends to come and play, so you better get your reservations in.



Photo Jan 04, 1 17 48 PM

Have you ever wondered what 3,483 photos look like in one place?   Me either.  But, I now have the answer that I never even looked for.

New Years Day I was at a crop with some awesome ladies and one of them mentioned a really good special at Walgreens for photo developing.  Well, I have been saying I needed to get some photos developed from some of the trips Jeff and I have been fortunate enough to take. (Fortunate that I was able to travel with my job for a number of years and through that, we were able to see some cool places).

The photos here are from our trips to California in 2010, England in 2011 and Australia and New Zealand in 2012, plus our Alaska cruise in 2014.   I will start sharing some of the layouts and things that I plan on doing with these photos.

Theoretically, I hope to have them all scrapbooked by the end of 2017….in reality, it will be by….ummm, uhhhhh, ahhhh, yea, I may not have an answer on that one.  What the heck was I thinking????