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Create Display-In Time for the New School Year

I’ve always like the boards that parents and grandparents use to display and proudly show off the artwork of their little ones. This is a bit of an experiment one and here are a few things I learned: First, don’t leave the ‘good paint’ at the Oxford Cottage 3 hours away or you will have… Continue reading Create Display-In Time for the New School Year

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Goal Setting and Updates

The last portion of 2017 and the entire 2018 year has been crazy. We bought a 2nd home in Burwell at the end of 2017 (day after Christmas) and remodeled it the first 1/2 of the year in 2018.  It is now The Oxford Cottage Craft Retreat House, AirBNB and vacation home…more on that later.… Continue reading Goal Setting and Updates

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My Own Photo Set Up

As a part of my job, I create and design things for the Pazzles Craft Room.  Part of that is being able to take quality photographs that can be used on the blogs.  I had been struggling with that.  I had tried the white paper, the store bought photo lab, sheets, etc. but, had an issue with each of those.

The white paper was great, if the project was super tiny and one dimensional.  You could always see the seam of where the paper came together and it just didn’t look good.

The store bought photo lab was okay, but it was so big and always in the way.  It was also quite a pain to get out and put away, plus I always seemed to have shadows.

The sheet was also a paint to get out, plus it always showed all of the wrinkles and just didn’t have a good quality.

That is when I went on a search to find something that was a nice clean white background, wouldn’t wrinkle, was large enough for bigger projects and was easy to put away.

Photo Mar 07, 2 24 56 PMI went to a fabric store and started looking around.  I was thinking their had to be some type of material that would work.  That was when I discovered what I am calling, window blinds material.  It is the black out material they use for covering windows and using with blinds.  It came on a cardboard tube, which gave me the idea of asking if they had an extra tube.  They did and they let me have it.  So, I rolled the material onto the cardboard tube and then proceeded to look for something to go through it.  I found a 1 inch round piece of PVC at the EcoStore that was just perfect.  I brought it home, figured out a place in my craft studio that would keep it out of the way, but also make it very easily accessible.  I put some cup hooks on the wall, tied some ribbon around the ends of the PVC and hung it up.

It is very easy to use. I just pull it down when I am ready to use it and then easily roll it up and out of the way when I don’t need it.  The lighting is just right and no more wrinkled fabric.

Photo Mar 07, 2 25 58 PMTotal cost was about $12.00.  I used a 40% off coupon for the fabric, the tube was free, I got the PVC for less than $1.00 and I used some ribbon I had on hand.

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California….Here I Come!!!

Okay, so ‘technically’ I was already there.  Remember those 3,483 photos?  Well, one of those stacks was from when Jeff and I were there in 2010. I have started to scrapbook them. So, theoretically, I only have 3,469 photos to go.Photo Feb 12, 8 05 01 AM

Here are two of the layouts that I did from the first day.  We spent a day in San Francisco.  For some reason, I took hardly any photos there.  I thought we had more, but when I went to print them, this is what I had.

Photo Feb 12, 8 19 36 AM

The layouts are fairly simple, but I like the focus to be on the photos and not all of the embellishments.

I created these titles in my Pazzles InVue software.  The software makes it so easy to design.  I love the editing tools and how easy they are to access.

Anyway, the San Francisco Bridge, Coit Tower, Lombard Street and Fishermans Wharf titles are over at the Pazzles Craft Room in their amazing library.  They are available in both SVG and WPC format, so they can be used with most cutter softwares.