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Goal Setting and Updates

The last portion of 2017 and the entire 2018 year has been crazy.

We bought a 2nd home in Burwell at the end of 2017 (day after Christmas) and remodeled it the first 1/2 of the year in 2018.  It is now The Oxford Cottage Craft Retreat House, AirBNB and vacation home…more on that later.  Then as we thought things were going to slow down, Jeff had a stroke, then my mother tried to die of pneumonia, then Jeff’s mom had triple bypass surgery, then we found out Jeff had also had a heart attack, then we got a beautiful new granddaughter (so see, there is a lot of good here too).

Things have actually slowed down from a bazillion things to do, to just a million. **slight exaggeration possible here** So, I’m working on what things I want to accomplish for 2019.  It is going to be a year of creating and relaxing and taking care of me, as well as creating some new habits.

A few of the goals that I have set out in front of me are:

  1. Learn to use my new Copic Markers
  2. Declutter and purge my craft room
  3. Divide my craft items so I have duplicates for crafting in Burwell
  4. Put the barn door up for my bedroom
  5. Flooring in the basement
  6. Paint the Burwell house
  7. Privacy fence panels in Burwell
  8. River Rock front of Burwell house
  9. Do meal planning and food prep weekly

This is my initial goals for the year.  I hope that you will join me in creating a few goals to accomplish in 2019.

2 thoughts on “Goal Setting and Updates

  1. Great goals, Klo! I like the idea of posting them. My goals will be:
    1. Mindful spending
    2. Purge and organize my craft room.
    3. Purge and organize my Christmas decorations (as bad as my craft room).
    4. Weekly meal planning.
    Maybe I can stick to them now that they’re written out!😃


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