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Piano Desk Complete

I have finished my desk.  Things went slower than planned, but eating, sleeping, family and working are things I couldn’t ignore.

Here it is:

I left the harp and strings in the piano to keep the character and charm of the piece. I am so excited.  I have actually been working at it for a few days and it is FANTASTIC.   The height of the keyboard is perfect and it is so nice having the monitor at the correct height again.  It really opened up the floor space and gave me even more room in my studio.

As I am looking at the photos, I realized I forgot to paint the board that I attached to the bottom after I removed the wheels.  It is set just slightly back, so when I painted, I missed it, but I will get them done.

Here are a few photos of removing the base and some of the big pieces.  Cleaning up the harp with the strings, etc took about 6-8 hours, because I had to use Liquid Gold on a Q-Tip to get between the strings.

in progress.jpg

I would love to hear what you think of my rescued piano desk.  If you go look at this post, you can see the clean up and the story of the mouse.


8 thoughts on “Piano Desk Complete

    1. Willow and I actually play with them sometimes, but they kind hum from vibration when I’m working, so I am trying figure out a permanent way to stop that. For now I just put duct tape across them and that works well.


    1. I would love to see a photo. I thought I was being ‘so original’…but since I have done this, I have had a lot of people send me photos of there. I had seen them turned into a bar, but not a computer desk.


  1. Trying to reuse my Pazzles again and ran across your blog. As a senior, I started taking up the piano and love learning from easy piano books on the American standards. Since I’ve seen many pianos at thrift shops, I thought your idea was so creative in turning these antiques into great use instead of their ending up as firewood.


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