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The BIGGER Table Update


Well, we got the other piece in here…now to hook it together and get it painted.  I need to figure out what colors I want, etc.  There should be plenty of room to craft here.

I scrapbooked on half of it the other day and it was so wonderful to be able to stand up and work on things.  Plus, I have stools to use, so I am set.


So, leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Plus, I’d love to hear any ideas.  I have a bazillion running around in my head, but nothing is set in stone….yet and probably ever when it comes to my craft studio.


3 thoughts on “The BIGGER Table Update

  1. I use Xerox box lids on shelves that are 5″ high. That way stuff never goes too far down in the piles. I cleaned ibn my room again… Am ridding self of a ton of stuff. Love watching your room choke together.


  2. maybe paint the table a taupe or off white, and then put some use your other accent colors in some design in the table? Stripes, large diamonds, chevron, etc? Soooooo many possibilities!!!


  3. I like Kendra’s idea–the table looks great! I’d also recommend you have a a couple of big cutting mats and the non-stick craft sheets–I love knowing I can’t mess up my table if I’m cutting with a blade or want to slop paint or glue around. Stools are a great idea–If you’re planning on having a big crowd scrapping together, I’d recommend at least a stool or two with backs on them–more comfortable for those of us with back issues! Being able to alternate sitting and standing is a great idea! Now if only you lived across the street from me–so we could have scrap n workout sessions!


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