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Have you ever wondered what 3,483 photos look like in one place?   Me either.  But, I now have the answer that I never even looked for.

New Years Day I was at a crop with some awesome ladies and one of them mentioned a really good special at Walgreens for photo developing.  Well, I have been saying I needed to get some photos developed from some of the trips Jeff and I have been fortunate enough to take. (Fortunate that I was able to travel with my job for a number of years and through that, we were able to see some cool places).

The photos here are from our trips to California in 2010, England in 2011 and Australia and New Zealand in 2012, plus our Alaska cruise in 2014.   I will start sharing some of the layouts and things that I plan on doing with these photos.

Theoretically, I hope to have them all scrapbooked by the end of 2017….in reality, it will be by….ummm, uhhhhh, ahhhh, yea, I may not have an answer on that one.  What the heck was I thinking????

6 thoughts on “3,483

  1. The best part is that now those photos live. They are no longer stuck in digital storage. I am proud of you Klo. You have gone a step further than i have. 😉 can’t wait to see some of those layouts and photos.


  2. Wow! Lots of photos!

    I have many, many inherited photos (hundreds? thousands?) in boxes and I am slowly identifying them and writing on the back. I try to do a few each day. Some photos are over 100 years old. And I have the countless digital photos. I am trying to sort those and discard many. I don’t need six of the same thing! I would love to have every photo identified and scanned. Of course, some are just mysteries. The digital ones will be a lot easier to sort.

    All of the printed photos need to be added to photo albums. The recent digital photos will be printed and SLOWLY put into scrapbooks, especially for grandkids!

    I do scrapbooking and card making but I also do genealogy. My advice to ANYONE identifying photos is to write a reasonable time frame on the back and include surnames and location. I have way too many photos with just a first name.

    I wish you well in your endeavor, Klo!


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